MultiCam – Modern Warfare 3

While attending the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, it was apparent that MultiCam had been embraced by not only military personnel but the whole hunting and shooting community. MultiCam  appeared on rucksacks, day sacks, smocks as well as hats and gloves.

But what is all the fuss about, what is MultiCam and who is using it?

MultiCam Fabric by Crye Precision

The MultiCam pattern was initially developed following an experiment to investigate if a single camouflage could be effective in many different environments. Brooklyn, NY based Crye Precision began their research after recognising that the camouflage being used by the US Armed Forces was not the perfect solution, particularly in Afghanistan.

During the research period, many environments and terrain were analysed to get a good understanding of what was needed in order to arrive at an effective and adaptive pattern. The prototype was tested for over a year and a half with the US Army and after some additional tests, the MultiCam pattern was launched into production.

By reflecting some of the colours in the surrounding environment, the seven colour pattern is adaptable to many environments such as open desert or under a green forest canopy. It does this due to the unique design of MultiCam  where the colours and shapes disrupt what the human eye can see by relying on a blending effect to disguise the wearer.

MultiCam  is now available as printed textiles, webbing or it can even be applied to hard surfaces using a Water Transfer Printing process.

In 2010, the US Army selected the MultiCam Camouflage Pattern for the uniforms of all soldiers deploying to Afghanistan. Since then, many countries have adopted variants of MultiCam such as the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). The Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) was designed by Crye Precision to replace the traditional four colour woodland pattern.

UK MTP - Load Carriage designed by Karrimor SF

It was reported (by Soldier Systems – May 2011) that the Australian military is also looking to adopt their version of MultiCam – Australian MultiCam Pattern (AMP) after conducting trails by the Australian Special Forces. Further updates have been released by Security Scholar (an Australian Defence Blog).

Meanwhile, from reality to first-person shooter games, MultiCam now features in the release of Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3. What’s next for MultiCam? Well its heading to Karrimor SF.

Look out for Karrimor SF products available in MultiCam soon – Click here

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