We love to receive feedback from our customers and we would like to thank Robin from Holland for this lovely email.

“Dear Karrimor SF,

The story of my backpack.

I have this one for about 10 years en it had served me from the slopes of Norway to the heat of Afghanistan.

It has carried a lot of weight (40 KG) during  the most extreme circumstances, It lost his buckle at one time and never saw it replaced.

It has been through mud and water, temperatures -40 C and +50 C.

It survived the Jungle and has been my pillow when there was almost no time to sleep.

Karrimor SF survived temperatures between -40C to 50C

But the most important thing of all….. it never let me down.

So thank you for creating such a great backpack.

Greetings Robin (from Holland)”

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Antarctic winter expedition team battle elements

Coldest Journey - Karrimor SF

Bad weather and dangerous crevasses have slowed the progress of the team trying to become the first to cross Antarctica during the polar winter.

The team was hit before it started its crossing when veteran explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes had to pull out after suffering frostbite.

Now, as Ian Prickett of the Coldest Journey team explains, after seven weeks they are behind schedule, but hoping to make up lost time.

Read more posts from Karrimor SF on the Coldest Journey here -

The Coldest Journey – They are off

Sir Ranulph Fiennes landed safely in Cape Town

Karrimor SF Sponsors Sir Ranulph Fiennes Expedition

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Please help us raise funds for the Dartmoor Search & Rescue team based in Ashburton, Devon.

Please Click here to donate

Karrimor SF is based in Exeter, only a few miles from the Dartmoor National Park which provides such an amazing environment to go walking and to test kit.

Karrimor SF testing equipment on Dartmoor

However, Dartmoor’s granite plateaux rise above the surrounding countryside. Therefore the climate here is different from the rest of Devon. The higher altitude and exposed nature of the landscape determines the more extreme climatic conditions and can disorientate the most experienced walker.

The Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team – Ashburton is part of the Dartmoor Rescue Group (DRG) which was started in 1968. They are also affiliated to Mountain Rescue England and Wales (Post Number 78).

As the name suggests the HQ is on the outskirts of Ashburton in Devon on the edge of South Dartmoor. Their main responsibility is for search and rescue of missing persons on Dartmoor, as well as in the South and East Devon area that includes urban areas such as Torbay and Exeter.

Dartmoor Search & Rescue - AshburtonAlthough the police have the ultimate responsibility for responding to and investigating reports of missing persons, they will often request the services of volunteer Search and Rescue organisations such as Ashburton Dartmoor Rescue team to assist in such matters. Being employed by them, their responsibility covers the highland areas of Dartmoor to the fringes of the Devon coast, where the coastguard takes over.

The volunteers from Dartmoor Search and Rescue (Ashburton) are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide search and rescue services for Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

The group must raise at least £15,000 each year for a rolling programme of essential vehicle and equipment maintenance. The rescue team is a charity and these funds are raised entirely from donations from the general public.

The 18 mile sponsored walk (or run!) will follow the route of the Templer Way from the moorland of Haytor to the sea at Shaldon. It should take a reasonably fit person between 5 and 7 hours to complete.

Al & Caroline Brooking from Karrimor SF will be taking part in the walk to support this fantastic charity so please help in anyway you can by clicking here.
Please Click here to donate

More information -

Dartmoor SRT (Ashburton) Templer Way Sponsored Walk 28th April 2013

The Templer Way

Twitter:  @Dartmoor_SRTA @karrimorsf  @albrooking

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The Ice team have finally set off on their journey heading south across Antarctica . The guys set off from Crown Bay on the 21st March 2013 to mark the official start of The Coldest journey.

The team will face temperatures as low as minus 90 degrees Celsius.

Karrimor Sf and the start of the Coldest Journey

Spencer Smirl, Ian Prickett, Rob Lambert, Richmond Dykes, and Brian Newham set off yesterday to try to be the first people ever to traverse the Antarctic continent in the polar winter.

Take a look at the video footage from the start.

Follow the team as they continue their journey at www.thecouldestjourney.org  or on Facebook/TheColdestJourney

Sir Ranulph Fiennes with the Karrimor SF 2 man-haul Sledge Cover

Sir Ranulph Fiennes with the Karrimor SF 2 man-haul Sledge Cover

Karrimor SF is delighted to have been asked to be involved with the Coldest Journey.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes contacted Karrimor SF at the end of 2011 and asked us to manufacture a bespoke cover for his two man-haul sledge to be used in the testing in northern Sweden in preparation for his trip to Antarctica.

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Our thoughts are with Sir Ranulph Fiennes in the disappointment that he as has to withdraw from the Trans-Atlantic Expedition. We are so pleased to hear that Ran has safely made it to Cape Town.

The Coldest Journey - Karrimor SF

The Coldest Journey

Here is a brief statement from The Coldest Journey team.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes landed safely in Cape Town at 07.30 (SAST) this morning. He was taken straight to a medical facility for assessment and treatment, and is now recuperating in private until his return to the UK.

He said: “I would like to thank the Belgian Polar Foundation for their assistance in transporting me here, and also International SOS for their role in getting me seen to medically as soon as I landed in Cape Town this morning. I have undergone a number of tests on my frostbitten hand both in Antarctica and since arriving here in Cape Town, and I am due to have additional tests here before leaving for the UK. I feel very lucky to have been treated with the upmost care by extremely well trained professionals and have felt in safe hands throughout.

“The warmth of Cape Town seems a million miles from the conditions my expedition partners are experiencing right now on the ice. Those five men are forever in my thoughts and I wish them all the luck in the world for the expedition ahead. Under the expert leadership of Brian Newham, I know that they have every chance of pulling off this extraordinary feat and making me and people across the Commonwealth extremely proud. It is a very difficult and dangerous undertaking, but if there is any one group of people who can do it, it is them.

“I am naturally extremely disappointed not to be able to continue with them and be a part of the expedition on the ice, having been planning it with Anton Bowring and others for so many years. But now my focus is on returning to the UK, getting well and throwing all of my energy into helping the team there promote our aims, and making sure we raise $10 million for Seeing is Believing as we have set out to do.”

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Many of you may know, Karrimor SF has been very interested in the amazing activities of Justin Miles - Karrimor SF Justin Miles over the last few years, and we have the pleasure of helping Justin with some of his kit.

It is always pleasing to see Justin’s activities published in the press and we thank Chris Elliot at the Cambridge News for allowing us to share his article with you.

“A Cambridge man left severely disabled after a car crash has completed an amazing fight back to fitness – and is now taking on one of the toughest treks on Earth.

In 1999, Justin Miles suffered brain injuries in a road accident, which left him unable to walk, or talk.

Now, 13 years later, he is preparing for an expedition to the North Pole. With a partner, Alex Hibbert, he plans to complete the journey on foot, hauling food and other supplies on a sled.

The remarkable adventure will be completed in two phases.

In December, the two men will fly to Greenland and travel north for several hundred miles across the frozen waters of the Nares Strait. Having covered half the distance to the North Pole, they will establish a food and fuel dump, and then turn back.

The following year, they will retrace their steps, and having collected their cache of supplies, will make the final push for the pole.

The pair will face temperatures of minus 50C as they drag their 350kg sleds for more than 900 miles in complete darkness. The route, from the coast of Greenland, has never been attempted before.

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Win a Karrimor SF Predator 80-130

How to enter

Simply like our Facebook page and tell us what features on the Karrimor SF Predator 80-130 you like the look of best. Please read the rules below before entering. We will pick a winner after we reach 3500 likes. Click the Facebook button.

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Sir Ranulph Fiennes with the Karrimor SF 2 man-haul Sledge Cover

Sir Ranulph Fiennes with the Karrimor SF 2 man-haul Sledge Cover

Karrimor SF is delighted to have been asked to be involved with the Coldest Journey.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes contacted Karrimor SF at the end of 2011 and asked us to manufacture a bespoke cover for his two man-haul sledge to be used in the testing in northern Sweden in preparation for his trip to Antarctica.

Karrimor had provided the covers with great success in 1993 for the first ever unsupported crossing of the Antarctic Continent and Karrimor SF is excited to be involved once again.

Karrimor SF regularly works with organisations on bespoke projects like this. To find out more, take a look at our Operation 3D program

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Karrimor SF at Outdoor Retailer 2012 - Salt Lake City

Karrimor SF at Outdoor Retailer 2012 - Salt Lake City

If you are attending the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this year in Salt Lake City, Utah, please drop by to Booth BR 535 and say hello.

The Karrimor SF team will be on hand to answer any questions about our products. We will also be joined by our partners from Grey Ghost Gear who will be distributing the Karrimor SF range in the US. We see this as the perfect opportunity to launch Karrimor SF to the US market and to introduce this exciting working relationship as the two companies met at last years Outdoor Retailer exhibition.

Furthermore,  Tactical Tailor will manufacture the Berry compliant packs and LBE, which Grey Ghost will also distribute.

We will have new products on hand to demonstrate at the OR show as well as a range of civilian Karrimor boots, bags and equipment. We are very much looking forward to meeting you all from 2 – 5 August 2012.

Karrimor Booth at Outdoor Retailer 2011

Karrimor Booth at Outdoor Retailer 2011

Karrimor SF TECMAC 50 @ Outdoor Retailer Salt Lake

Karrimor SF TECMAC 50 @ Outdoor Retailer Salt Lake 2011




Useful links -







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We continually work with leading organisations in the communications industry under our Operation 3D Program where our bespoke design solutions provide load carrying equipment which will be used to protect very expensive radio and electronic detection systems.

Recently, we were asked to provide a simple but effective waterproof case to protect a smart phone size piece of equipment as well as one to carry a tablet. Our design team got to work and managed to supply our customer with exactly what they required.

But this got us thinking, why not give everyone the opportunity to get their hands on a Karrimor SF Waterproof Case.

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case 25x35 cm

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case 25x35 cm

Karrimor SF Waterproof Cases are available in two sizes, 13x 20 cm which is ideal for

Iphones and other touch screen phones and also a larger option, a 25×35 cm which will fit an Ipad with comfort. The smaller version is ideal for travel documents such as your passport and smart phone, protecting your valuables travelling.

Strong welded seams and waterproof closure ensure items stay dry in all conditions. The TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) material enables you to view maps or operate popular touch screens even in the rain. The case has a clear front and olive back. With adjustable neck cord.

Put to the test….

So how would the Karrimor SF Waterproof Case perform with a new Iphone 4S tucked inside. Well after sealing the case and fastening it with the integrated Velcro, the case was placed in the very fast flowing River Teign on the edge of Dartmoor in the South West of England. The UK has had one of the wettest summers on record so most of our rivers are very swollen for the time of year and I needed to find a nice spot where the case would not be taken downstream by the current.

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case 13x20 Testing

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case 13x20 Testing

When sealed, it naturally holds air within the case to provide some buoyancy so the case had to be held down with a rock to test the seal at some depth. It was left submerged for around 5 minutes and showed no sign of water within the case at all.

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case 13x20 Testing

Karrimor SF Waterproof Case 13x20 Testing

The great thing about this case is that the IPhone (or other smart phones) can still be operated within the case, making this an effective option for walkers, climbers and mountaineers.

www.karrimorsf.com -waterproof cases

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